About Us

Welcome to careersinwood.ca, your window to information on a career in Canada’s Advanced Wood Manufacturing Sector.  The web site features information on all five of our industries: the furniture industry, cabinet industry, wood & door industry, millwork industry, and factory-built housing & building components industry.

The Advanced Wood Manufacturing Sector is an exciting, modern and increasingly technologically-driven sector requiring high levels of skills, knowledge and positive, performance minded attitudes to ensure customer satisfaction, long-term profitability and global competitiveness.  We use technology to transform lumber and panels into a wide range of products, which become some of the most beautiful and cherished pieces in our homes, offices, and commercial buildings.

Careersinwood.ca was developed to provide helpful information on choosing a career in this sector and it is the latest tool in the Careers in Wood Promotion Program by the Wood Manufacturing Council (WMC).

The Wood Manufacturing Council (WMC) is the Human Resources Sector Council for the advanced wood products processing industry. With the mandate to plan, develop and implement human resources strategies that support the long-term growth and competitiveness of Canada’s advanced wood products processing sector and meet the developmental needs of its workforce, the Council works to identify and examine the necessary skills and knowledge required to respond to the changing needs of the industry as well as to develop an overall strategic plan to address key issues such as the shortage of skilled workers and the need for national standards for worker competencies.

CareersInWood.ca was developed by the Wood Manufacturing Council/Counseil des frabricants in partnership with industry and the Government of Canada’s Sector Council Program.